Suzi Schachter was born in Radautz, Bukovina, Austria, in 1911. She met Yacov Reisch (son of Fishel Reisch of Sadagora), and together they emigrated to Palestine in the 1920s. This is a collection of pictures loaned by Suzi’s son, Zeev, to Bruce Reisch in 1999.
The Aunt Suzi Collection
Possibly Deborah Reisch  (sister of Fischel) and children Max, Dora, and Suzi
Fishel Reisch and Family
Back of composite picture of Reisch family
Chaim, Yacov and Wicka Reisch (left to right)
 Freida and Fishel Reisch in Israel
Florence 'Tinty' Cosgrove
Back of Florence Cosgrove picture
Haifa, August 7, 1926 (per writing in lower right); Yacov Reisch standing in middle of top row?
Annette Reisch
Annette Reisch Canter
Adella Reisch, daughter of Hymie Reisch
Wedding of Adele Reisch:  top row, Milton Reisch, Hymie Reisch, Adele Reisch, Curt Maier, and Sydney Canter; bottom row - Henry (son of Milton and Rashi), Rashi Reisch, Lena Reisch, Annette Reisch Canter and Louise Reisch (daughter of Milton and Rashi)
Milton Reisch
Milton Reisch
Milton Reisch, Nov. 18, 1946
back of Milton Reisch picture
Rashi and Milton Reisch
Wedding picture of Annette Reisch and Sydney Canter
Adele Reisch Maier
Family of Hyman and Lena Reisch: Hymie, Annette, Rashi, Milton, Adele and Lena Reisch (left to right)
Older couple seated - Chenelle and Mendel Brucker; rear left to right - son of Srul Brucker?, wife of Srul Brucker?, Srul Brucker, Sura or Frieda Brucker
Lena and Louis Brucker, Jan. 10, 1920, before they were married
Insidecover - Inscription inside folder of Lena and Louis Brucker picture
 Florence and Manny Brucker
Lena Brucker Feingold
Louis Brucker (left) and Chaim Reisch (right)
Wedding picture of Jake Feingold and Lena Brucker
Isidore Feingold
 Isidore Feingold, son of Jake and Lena Brucker Feingold
1925: Family of Lena Brucker Feingold - Back row - Jake Feingold and Lena Brucker Feingold holding Isidore; Front row - Ben, Simon, Sammy and Max, the four boys of Jake Feingold from an earlier marriage
 Lena Brucker Feingold and Jake Feingold
Feingold Family:  Standing - Ben, Simon, Isidore, Sammy and Max Feingold; Seated - Jake and Lena Brucker Feingold
Isidore Feingold entering the Navy, 1943.
Audrey Ann Brucker (Cohen), sister of Florence Brucker Grossman
Manny Brucker
Wedding of Florence Brucker and Isadore Grossman 27 April 1946- Lottie Brucker, Louis Brucker, Florence Brucker Grossman, Isadore Grossman, Audrey Ann Brucker and Manny Brucker - Inscribed on back:  Dear Freida, Fishel, Wicke, Hre we are, Like us?  27 April 1946, Lottie, Louis, Fagele, Isadore, Henele and Mendele
Back of Florence and Isadore Grossman wedding picture
 Bar Mitzvah of Manny Brucker, 1936 - Top row - Hymie Reisch, Milton Reisch, Lena Reisch, Annette Reisch and Max Perkel; middle row - Jake Feingold, Lena Feingold, Louis Brucker, Many Brucker, Lottie Brucker holding Audrey Ann Brucker; bottom row - Adele Reisch, Isidore Feingold, and Florence Brucker
Top row: Lena Feingold, Lottie Brucker, Rashi Reisch and Lena Reisch; Bottom row - Hymie Reisch, Louis Brucker, and Milton Reisch
Wedding of Debbie Cohen and Michael Landau:  Top row - Marc Brucker, Clifford Brucker, Gale Witzberg Brucker, Marc Balmuth, Stacy Brucker Balmuth, Michael, Debbie, Judy, Larry, and David Cohen, Philip Grossman, Myrna Friedman Grossman, Shelley Grossman Glushakow, and Allen Glushakow; Bottom row - Manny Brucker, Carol Brucker, Jerome Cohen, Audrey Brucker Cohen, Florence Brucker Grossman and Isadore Grossman.
Wedding of Marvin and Annette Raynes? - Top row:  Izzie Natter, Annette Raynes, Marvin Raynes, Warren Thaler, and Harry Furman; Bottom row - Jennie Schachter Natter, Harriet Raynes Thaler, Anna Schachter Raynes, Rose Schachter Reisch, and Clara Schachter Furman
pic31- Unknowns
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